The lazy girl’s Hello Dolly bars

On Sunday I decided to bake some Hello Dolly bars to bring to work with me.  I didn’t have any more chocolate chips but I did have a block of dark chocolate that I used in the past for brownies.  Since I was feeling rather tired and admittedly, a bit lazy, I really didn’t feel like chopping up the chocolate bar so I took the easy way out and simply broke the bar into chunks and scattered the pieces on top of my Hello Dolly unfinished batter.  I figured the chocolate was going to bake and melt anyway so what’s the big deal right?


And voila!  The finished product was just as good as any other that I’ve made before (though perhaps not as “pretty”).  Still, these tasted pretty damn good and the co-workers ate them all!  Click here for the recipe.


Shut your pie hole!

Look, I don’t really want you to shut your pie hole but I just had to use that as a title because I think it’s kind of funny.  And because it’s a good intro to this post which is not about clothes but about my second favorite thing in life…FOOD!  Tom and I paid a visit to The Pie Hole on Hollywood Blvd last night for the second time.  Hollywood Blvd itself deserves its own post and write up which I may do in the future, so stay tuned.  But back to the food…


img_1938 img_1939

We ordered and shared two savory pies: chicken cornbread and vegetable curry. Both were delicious and full of flavor.  The chicken cornbread had some pretty good chunks of chicken in it and everything was seasoned just right. Sometimes these pot pies can be a little too salty for my taste but this one wasn’t.  Tom called it “comfort food” which I totally agree with!  The veggie curry was good too with bits of potato in it.  I would have liked more veggies though, like maybe some peas and carrots perhaps. Still, pretty tasty!  The crust on both pies was light and flaky too, an added plus.  Now onto dessert…



We chose the chocolate crostata pie, mostly because we liked the name and it had chocolate in it.  The lady taking our order told us it was like eating a brownie in a pie form.  Sold!  They warmed it up for us and we devoured it.  I liked the crust which had granulated sugar baked into it, and the chocolate was creamy and melt-in-your-mouth good.  The boyfriend and I were both pretty happy campers.  Thanks Pie Hole!