Gimme Some Sugar

I love discovering family-owned businesses where you know the folks who are running the show are totally in love with what they do.  That’s the impression I got when I stumbled upon a Georgia-based company called Sugarboo Designs.  It was during a day of Christmas shopping when I found some of their canvas bags in a shop in Pasadena.  These bags are whimsical yet functional and can easily fit your makeup, pens, and even a couple or three medication bottles!  Quite durable too, they’ve held up quite well with all the crap I throw in there.

This is the one I have, with this very eloquent Audrey Hepburn quote.



Here are a few more that I ended up buying as gifts:

CanvasBag_StayYoung_LR CanvasBag_LiveTravelAdventure_LR CanvasBag_YouAreTheFinest_LR YourAreMySunshine_LR

My next WANT from the Sugarboo line?  this awesome welcome mat!  What’s not to love?


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