It’s a New Year!

Happy New Year! So how did you ring in 2017? Maybe you’re still asleep because of all the hard partying you did last night, or…maybe you’re like me and slept at 6pm, woke up at 12am to wish my boyfriend a happy new year, then immediately fell back to sleep?

Yesterday was actually a fun New Year’s Eve as Tom and I spent part of the day visiting the Broad Museum in downtown LA.  If you’re into modern art and live nearby, GO!  You should definitely make reservations before you go though unless you want to stand in the standby line which has a 45 minute to 2 hour wait time.

Here’s some of the art we got to see up close:


The Broad Museum is located at 221 S. Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012


James Perse V-Neck Dress


Every year, around late November, James Pearse has a huge sale, marking down lots of fabulous pieces from its collection.  I found a few lovely pieces, one of them being this ribbed, v-neck dress.  Like many JP dresses, it’s very comfortable and the ease of wearing it makes JP designs very appealing to me.  The dress is a little on the thicker side, the ribbing a little heavier than the Everlane ribbed dress I have and which I reviewed here.  It’s a “midi length”, hitting me a few inches below the knee, and like other JP dresses, can be a little challenging to walk in, but certainly not impossible!  Just remember to take small steps.  It is a deeper “V” neck-line and because of the way the straps of the dress are angled, I found that wearing a t-strap bra was much more flattering than wearing a traditional bra.

The dress is no longer available on the James Pearse website but I did find it on sale at Revolve Clothing, in a beautiful “marjoram” color, and guess what…it’s on sale!

Everlane patent pointed slides


I ordered these black patent pointed slides from the Everlane E2 Capsule Collection about a month ago and I have one word for them: LOVE!  I’ve actually been looking for a good pair of slides for some time now so when I spotted these I knew I had to give them a try.  I ordered them in my usual size 8 and they fit perfectly.  Sort of like Cinderella’s feet in her glass slippers, I think!   I felt like like the shoes were custom made for my feet when I slipped them on.  I walked around the house a little bit when I got them and they were comfortable out of the box.  More party shoes than a walking shoe, however, these slides really make a statement with its cool sharp lines and black patent leather. I wore them the first time with the E2 tank ribbed dress and a second time with the E2 Go Weave pants (which I’ll review shortly!)  The slides cost $145 which are not exactly inexpensive but given that they are 100 percent Italian leather, made in Italy, and are very well made, I consider them a good deal.  Did you buy these Everlane slides? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

The Perfect LBD

Hi there! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on board and it feels so good to be writing again.  It truly does. For the last few weeks I’ve been wanting to share with you some of my fun finds, especially from the Everlane E2 Capsule collection that they put out a couple months ago. The E2 collection is comprised of several stylish pieces, from pants to tops, to shoes to dresses that are meant to be mixed and matched. The appeal to me was the black and white colors and the simplicity of the clothes. The styles are bold and fun yet also border on classic and are all very well tailored.  For today’s post I’m spotlighting the ribbed tank dress from the E2 collection.  This dress has become one of my favorites for the following reason: it fits like a glove without feeling uncomfortable.  In fact, it’s so comfortable and easy to move in (think: dancing, partying, sitting…you get the picture…)  Also, the ribbed dress just feels well made; the material has the right amount of stretch and hugs the body in all the right places. I love how this dress can be dressed up with the right accessories…big bold earrings and a bright scarf, or dressed down with a pair of Keds and a beanie.  I wore it to my boyfriend’s office holiday party earlier this month and I was able to have fun, eat, drink and mingle without worrying about the dress riding up or any of those “issues” that we ladies sometimes have when it comes to party clothes.  On me, the dress hits just below the knee (I’m 5’5″ for reference), and the size Small fits me perfectly.  I’m usually a size 4 in dresses, size 27 in jeans/pants, and I usually get a size Medium in Everlane tops.  But for this dress, the size Small fit me just right.

The price of the dress, a cool $98, is also quite reasonable, for all the mileage I’m going to get from it!

(Coming soon…my review on the Everlane black patent pointed slides).


The lazy girl’s Hello Dolly bars

On Sunday I decided to bake some Hello Dolly bars to bring to work with me.  I didn’t have any more chocolate chips but I did have a block of dark chocolate that I used in the past for brownies.  Since I was feeling rather tired and admittedly, a bit lazy, I really didn’t feel like chopping up the chocolate bar so I took the easy way out and simply broke the bar into chunks and scattered the pieces on top of my Hello Dolly unfinished batter.  I figured the chocolate was going to bake and melt anyway so what’s the big deal right?


And voila!  The finished product was just as good as any other that I’ve made before (though perhaps not as “pretty”).  Still, these tasted pretty damn good and the co-workers ate them all!  Click here for the recipe.


Shut your pie hole!

Look, I don’t really want you to shut your pie hole but I just had to use that as a title because I think it’s kind of funny.  And because it’s a good intro to this post which is not about clothes but about my second favorite thing in life…FOOD!  Tom and I paid a visit to The Pie Hole on Hollywood Blvd last night for the second time.  Hollywood Blvd itself deserves its own post and write up which I may do in the future, so stay tuned.  But back to the food…


img_1938 img_1939

We ordered and shared two savory pies: chicken cornbread and vegetable curry. Both were delicious and full of flavor.  The chicken cornbread had some pretty good chunks of chicken in it and everything was seasoned just right. Sometimes these pot pies can be a little too salty for my taste but this one wasn’t.  Tom called it “comfort food” which I totally agree with!  The veggie curry was good too with bits of potato in it.  I would have liked more veggies though, like maybe some peas and carrots perhaps. Still, pretty tasty!  The crust on both pies was light and flaky too, an added plus.  Now onto dessert…



We chose the chocolate crostata pie, mostly because we liked the name and it had chocolate in it.  The lady taking our order told us it was like eating a brownie in a pie form.  Sold!  They warmed it up for us and we devoured it.  I liked the crust which had granulated sugar baked into it, and the chocolate was creamy and melt-in-your-mouth good.  The boyfriend and I were both pretty happy campers.  Thanks Pie Hole!


Comfortably Stylish…More Elizabeth Suzann

These days, I’ve been choosing my clothing purchases very carefully.  I just turned another year closer to the big 5-0 and though I certainly don’t feel middle-aged (whatever that means), I definitely don’t want to dress it!  So what have I been buying and wearing you may be asking?  Well, at the top of my list has been pieces from the Nashville designer Elizabeth Suzann.  I simply adore her creations.  I’ve talked about this designer before here and here, and now I want to show off another ES beauty that I just got for myself, the Georgia tee in ivory linen.  I already own this tee in the crepe silk and find this style and cut so versatile, fluid, easy to wear, and of course, comfortable.  I think those are my criteria for what I choose to put on my body these days.  The ES pieces are what I consider “investment pieces” which are designed and made to last for many years to come.  I love how I can pair the Georgia tee with my crepe silk Florence pants from the ES collection, or with a pair of jeans.




The outfit shown here is what I wore to my birthday dinner with my family last night.  If you are looking for something beautiful and flattering to dress your body in, have a look at Elizabeth Suzann.


No.6 Clogs



After 1 week of wearing my No. 6 clogs, I’m totally in love with them. When I first got them and tried them on they felt very snug and I thought I should have sized up to a 39 instead of the 38. After a few days of wearing them daily, the clogs have stretched a bit and feel like they were custom made for my feet. One thing I will caution though, if you are prone to turning your ankles like I am, walk carefully in this particular style which are the 3-inch, front seem wedge clogs. I just need to remember to not walk too quickly and definitely, no running!

I do love how these clogs go with practically everything I wear. I’ve worn them with long dresses, shorts, pants, jeans. You get the idea…

‘Cuz Life’s a Party at Elisa B.

IMG_1625Today I stopped by one of my favorite Pasadena boutiques, Elisa B,  for its 23rd birthday/anniversary bash.  And boy was it a party there! Lots of wine, cheese, cupcakes, waffles, a DJ spinning tunes, and of course clothes, beautiful clothes!

IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1619


I also had the awesome treat of meeting Letty and Laura, the two brainchildren of the clothing line, DaydreamerLA.

Letty and Laura from DaydreamerLA
Letty and Laura from DaydreamerLA

I’ve been wearing their soft, cool, and punchy tees and sweatshirts since I first discovered their line at Elisa B last Christmas.  I wrote about DaydreamerLA here and today I found a really cool Daydreamer rock ‘n roll muscle tee shirt of the band Queen.  Everything today was 23% off and besides the shirt, I also scored on a few other items which I’ll post about soon.

Elisa B. is located on 16 E. Holly St., Pasadena, CA 91103




It’s Hot!

Seems like the hot weather has been going on forever here in Southern California. It’s been in the upper 90’s for the past 2 weeks now but thankfully, we’re going down to the upper 80’s (!) by next week.  For me, this hot weather means wearing as little as possible while at the same time trying to maintain some sense of style.  When I was looking at the Everlane website a couple weeks ago I spotted this smart, striped sun dress which was pretty much calling my name.



And what a bargain too at only $38.  Sadly, this dress is no longer on their site which tells me they’ve sold out but this short dress is available, as is this muscle tank dress.  Everlane can be hit or miss at times but this dress was definitely a hit!