Comfortably Stylish…More Elizabeth Suzann

These days, I’ve been choosing my clothing purchases very carefully.  I just turned another year closer to the big 5-0 and though I certainly don’t feel middle-aged (whatever that means), I definitely don’t want to dress it!  So what have I been buying and wearing you may be asking?  Well, at the top of my list has been pieces from the Nashville designer Elizabeth Suzann.  I simply adore her creations.  I’ve talked about this designer before here and here, and now I want to show off another ES beauty that I just got for myself, the Georgia tee in ivory linen.  I already own this tee in the crepe silk and find this style and cut so versatile, fluid, easy to wear, and of course, comfortable.  I think those are my criteria for what I choose to put on my body these days.  The ES pieces are what I consider “investment pieces” which are designed and made to last for many years to come.  I love how I can pair the Georgia tee with my crepe silk Florence pants from the ES collection, or with a pair of jeans.




The outfit shown here is what I wore to my birthday dinner with my family last night.  If you are looking for something beautiful and flattering to dress your body in, have a look at Elizabeth Suzann.


More of Elizabeth Suzann

Yesterday I shared my newfound love for Nashville designer Elizabeth Suzann with you.  Today I want to continue sharing my ES love affair.  I wore this ensemble today,IMG_1593


Made of silk crepe in a rich shade of navy, the Florence pants flow and hang with such ease, the Georgia tee, also made of the same silk crepe, feels like my favorite, broken-in t-shirt.  True, the ES pieces are not cheap, but I’m at a stage in my life where I don’t want to buy clothes that are made cheaply and not made to last.  That’s what Elizabeth Suzann is all about…excellent quality, long lasting, classic, comfortable, and quite beautiful really. Hope you will have a look for yourself.