The lazy girl’s Hello Dolly bars

On Sunday I decided to bake some Hello Dolly bars to bring to work with me.  I didn’t have any more chocolate chips but I did have a block of dark chocolate that I used in the past for brownies.  Since I was feeling rather tired and admittedly, a bit lazy, I really didn’t feel like chopping up the chocolate bar so I took the easy way out and simply broke the bar into chunks and scattered the pieces on top of my Hello Dolly unfinished batter.  I figured the chocolate was going to bake and melt anyway so what’s the big deal right?


And voila!  The finished product was just as good as any other that I’ve made before (though perhaps not as “pretty”).  Still, these tasted pretty damn good and the co-workers ate them all!  Click here for the recipe.


Something Old, Something New

Sweater–several years old, 525 America Jeans–J. Crew Shirt– Everlane Necklace–French Kande Sandals–Eileen Fisher

I wore this outfit to church yesterday.  I needed something to throw over the tee shirt and jeans I had on but I really didn’t want to wear anything too heavy or too  complicated. I peered into my closet and found this sweater. I figured it was the right weight, the right length, and was simple enough with its clean lines.  The sweater was a gift from my girlfriend Deana, oh, from a few Christmases ago. It’s still in fabulous condition despite its age, just some minor pilling and has incredibly held its shape quite well for being 100 percent acrylic. I’m trying to “shop” in my closet more because I realize that I have some really nice clothes hanging in there that I haven’t worn in a long time! And let’s face it, my credit card needs a “time-out” right now.  The jeans I’m wearing here are fairly new and I’ll be doing a review on them soon so stay tuned.

What do you have in your closet that you love but haven’t worn in a long while?

Dream A Little Daydreamer

I’m a total sucker when it comes to tee-shirts.  Show me a one that is soft, comfy, and has a cute picture on the front of it and I’ll show you my wallet.  That pretty much describes the tee’s from Daydreamer LA.  I first found out about this LA-based company when I was shopping in a boutique called Elisa B.  Only it wasn’t a tee-shirt I fell in love with, but a sweatshirt with a vintage Snoopy graphic on the front, and the words, “To Live is to Dance…to Dance is to Live” written on the back. I knew my ballerina niece would love it.

Since then, I’ve acquired my own little collection of Daydreamer LA tee’s, some vintage Peanuts with fun sayings,


and this one is a favorite, DAYDREAMER_BUT_FIRST_BRUNCH_PJ_SET-7_large

Daydreamer LA also has a huge collection of rock and roll tee’s, like the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, the Doors, just to name a few,



So if you’re anything like me, a lover of a soft, cozy tee with some catchy, cool, and fun graphics, check out Daydreamer LA.

I Think I’ve Found It!

Do you have a “signature scent“?  Susan discussed this in her blog just the other day and it got me thinking about it.  I personally do not have a go-to fragrance but growing up, my mother loved Chanel No. 5.  Every birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas, we would gift her with this classic fragrance so to me, Chanel No. 5 equals “mom” and feelings of warmth and love.

Today I was skimming through the Wall Street Journal Sunday Magazine (yes, I know it’s Tuesday but I’m sort of slow with my newspaper-reading), and there was a sample for Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne and man, was I blown away by it. A little musky, the smell evoked feelings of being outdoors, and feelings of comfort and being wrapped in a warm blanket. I loved it so much that I ended up buying a 1 ounce bottle of the stuff on the spot. Talk about great advertising, eh?  Now I’m thinking, maybe I’ve found my own signature scent?

So do you have a fragrance that you love and identify with? If so, I’d love to know.

Girls’ Night Out–What to Wear!

My girlfriend Sandy asked me to put an outfit together for her, something she’d like to wear for our friend’s going away party (at a yet to be determined location).       Since it will be for a party, and a fun one at that, I thought of some leather and well, leopard print (!) for her.  Something a little fun and outside her comfort zone, shall we say?

Let’s have a look!

Black leather pants
Black leather pants
Donna Karan Asymmetrical top
Donna Karan Asymmetrical top
Louboutin Leopard Pumps
Louboutin Leopard Pumps
Chloe crossbody purse
Chloe crossbody purse
Statement necklace
Statement necklace
Statement bangle
Statement bangle

Let’s Get Real!

I am a huge fan of second hand and consignment shops so when I heard about the Real Real on the blog, Already Pretty, I was very curious, to say the least. You see, the Real Real takes consignment shopping to another level, in my opinion. It takes it to a very luxurious and exciting new level, where the shopper can, from the comfort of her (or his) own home, find that classic Chanel handbag, or a pair of Gucci loafers only worn twice that’s still in mint condition, or even a pair of brand new, with tags, J Brand jeans.

The Real Real even carries items for your home. Need an embroidered silk rug or a pair of Murano table lamps? Well then stop by the Real Real and have a look! Perusing and purchasing on this site does require a “membership” which is free, but you can upgrade to either the “First Look” membership at $5 per month where you get 24 hour advance access to sales, or the “Premium First Look” membership for $20 per month where you have all the perks of “First Look” plus 2-day shipping (instead of the regular ground shipping).

I have to say that I’ve been quite pleased so far with the purchases I made on the Real Real.  The items came in a timely manner, packaged very neatly, and they were pretty much in the exact condition as described.  Here’s a look at what I got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gimme Some Sugar

I love discovering family-owned businesses where you know the folks who are running the show are totally in love with what they do.  That’s the impression I got when I stumbled upon a Georgia-based company called Sugarboo Designs.  It was during a day of Christmas shopping when I found some of their canvas bags in a shop in Pasadena.  These bags are whimsical yet functional and can easily fit your makeup, pens, and even a couple or three medication bottles!  Quite durable too, they’ve held up quite well with all the crap I throw in there.

This is the one I have, with this very eloquent Audrey Hepburn quote.



Here are a few more that I ended up buying as gifts:

CanvasBag_StayYoung_LR CanvasBag_LiveTravelAdventure_LR CanvasBag_YouAreTheFinest_LR YourAreMySunshine_LR

My next WANT from the Sugarboo line?  this awesome welcome mat!  What’s not to love?