Dream A Little Daydreamer

I’m a total sucker when it comes to tee-shirts.  Show me a one that is soft, comfy, and has a cute picture on the front of it and I’ll show you my wallet.  That pretty much describes the tee’s from Daydreamer LA.  I first found out about this LA-based company when I was shopping in a boutique called Elisa B.  Only it wasn’t a tee-shirt I fell in love with, but a sweatshirt with a vintage Snoopy graphic on the front, and the words, “To Live is to Dance…to Dance is to Live” written on the back. I knew my ballerina niece would love it.

Since then, I’ve acquired my own little collection of Daydreamer LA tee’s, some vintage Peanuts with fun sayings,


and this one is a favorite, DAYDREAMER_BUT_FIRST_BRUNCH_PJ_SET-7_large

Daydreamer LA also has a huge collection of rock and roll tee’s, like the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, the Doors, just to name a few,



So if you’re anything like me, a lover of a soft, cozy tee with some catchy, cool, and fun graphics, check out Daydreamer LA.

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