I Think I’ve Found It!

Do you have a “signature scent“?  Susan discussed this in her blog just the other day and it got me thinking about it.  I personally do not have a go-to fragrance but growing up, my mother loved Chanel No. 5.  Every birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas, we would gift her with this classic fragrance so to me, Chanel No. 5 equals “mom” and feelings of warmth and love.

Today I was skimming through the Wall Street Journal Sunday Magazine (yes, I know it’s Tuesday but I’m sort of slow with my newspaper-reading), and there was a sample for Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne and man, was I blown away by it. A little musky, the smell evoked feelings of being outdoors, and feelings of comfort and being wrapped in a warm blanket. I loved it so much that I ended up buying a 1 ounce bottle of the stuff on the spot. Talk about great advertising, eh?  Now I’m thinking, maybe I’ve found my own signature scent?

So do you have a fragrance that you love and identify with? If so, I’d love to know.

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