Investment Piece Dressing—My New Jacket

Every once in awhile I’ll toss the phrase, “investment piece” around, but what exactly does this mean?  Well, for me it means something  that I’ve spent a whole lotta cash on (to be blunt), which I intend to get a ton of wear out of.  One example of an investment piece which I recently acquired is this lightweight jacket by Isabel Marant Etoile.


Except for perhaps my leather jacket, I rarely wear blazers or jackets, for some reason.  I was actually going to send this jacket back when I got it.  You see, I thought I couldn’t pull it off; I thought that one had to be smallish and petite to be able to wear a cropped blazer.  I even repackaged the jacket, ready to drop it off at the post office when I decided to try it on…one more time.  And I’m glad I did!  I tried it on with dresses and with jeans, and I loved it.

I love how the jacket makes me feel like a chic Parisian. Yes, even while wearing my Birkenstocks.

What kinds of “investment pieces” do you wear?

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