Out and About in Downtown Fullerton

I recently made my way back to my hometown of Fullerton and I was happy to see a sort of revitalization of the downtown area.  Plenty of eating establishments intermingled with some consignment shops and coffee houses.  I think that “eclectic” is a pretty accurate description of the downtown Fullerton vibe these days.

On this particular day I was with my brother and we both were craving a nice, juicy burger.  The Burger Parlor quenched that craving.  Burgers here are indeed juicy and the buns are pretty darn good too.


But the star of the lunch, I thought, was the onion rings.

IMG_0866Wow! Beautiful golden rings of deliciousness, I don’t know what they put in the batter to make them so light, crunchy, and irresistibly addictive,  and to be honest, I don’t really care, just give me more please!  Oh, and if you love a thick milkshake (and I don’t know who doesn’t), you must try one here.  We got the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake and yes, it did taste just like the cereal.

IMG_0930Our next stop was Hapa Cupcakes.  When I stepped inside this bake shop, I was mesmerized by the gorgeous display of cupcakes staring back at me.  What makes Hapa Cupcakes stand out from other bakeries is their alcohol-infused cupcakes.  Flavors like kahlua mudslide, rum coconut, and chocolate covered strawberry champagne, just to name a few.  They also carry a variety of non-alcoholic as well as gluten-free, vegan cupcakes.IMG_0868

The Burger Parlor: 204 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA

Hapa Cupcakes & Cakes: 105 W. Amerige Ave, Fullerton CA


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